My Move To Southeast Asia

Two years ago, my partner and I took the huge step and became digital nomads. Our first stop on our adventure was a stay in SE Asia, and we fell in love with everything about this part of the world.

For me, the five months we spent in Chiang Mai, Thailand, was one of the most incredible time of my life. This city quickly began to feel like home – minus the dramatic mountain and fresh ocean breeze. So when we decided to head back to SE Asia in 2016, Chiang Mai was on top of our places to go back to list.

After a tough year in Cape Town, in mid-October, we embarked on my longest adventure yet. After a week long stay in Bangkok, arriving in Chiang Mai not only felt like a relief but also like coming back home.

Now five-months into my stay (excluding a mini-vacation to Malaysia), it has definitely been an eye-opening experience. Unlike the fresh-faced nomad that I was two years ago, this trip has been challenging. My lessons have been bigger and my realisations have been clearer. But my determination for success has become my driving force. I’ve come to Chiang Mai knowing that I need to create a life for myself that I want.

To be honest, it doesn’t help that I miss my family and friends, that I’m trying to rebuild a five-year relationship and that before coming on this trip, I let go of two of my biggest clients. It’s been tough, but being in SE Asia – and Thailand in particular – where everything seems just a little simpler, friendlier and heartfelt is making this move so much easier.

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  1. Matt Gore

    Awesome Lara! Keep up the great work, we miss you too

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